Water leak detector

General Info - Specs

Main features of the device:
- LEAK exploiting the capabilities of an internal accelerometer is able to detect any type of movement or overturning
- Alarms on detection of water leaks
- Detection and signaling of the end of the leak
- App for device registration, configuration and alarm management
- Real time and/or asynchronous data collection and transmission
- Certified for operation on SIGFOX network and protected from electromagnetic interference

- Sigfox network protocol
- Status message: 1 daily with indication of the battery and sensor status
- message of water presence detection

Power Supply:
- Number of message: 30.000
- Power supply with LiMnO2 1500 mAh lithium batteries
- Duration: up to 10 years

- Radio module: 868 MHz
- Power: 25 mW (+14 dBm)

Environmental Conditions:
- Operative temperature -40ºC/+60ºC Power
- Degree of protection: IP 67

- Weight: 45 g
- Size: 60x60x60x mm

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