Ealloora wireless IoT solutions

Connect you to your home and your selected places wherever you are!



Indoor comfort monitor

Wireless IoT
  • TERMO monitors temperature and humidity of any indoor environment
  • Receive automatic notifications when you exceed predefined thresholds


Smart current detector

Wireless IoT
  • VOLT constantly monitors the presence of electricity
  • It notifies you if it detects a power outage
  • It notifies you when power is restored


Smart alarm

Wireless IoT
Protect your goods with no need of electricity or WiFi
  • PIR motion detector
  • No jammer
  • Receive alerts on your smartphone (available now for Iphone and Samsung)
  • No cabling
  • The perfect solution to protect boats, cellars, second houses, etc...


Remote badging

Wireless IoT

  • Autonomous solution for people access control
  • To check frame and duration of service
  • Workforce optimization
  • Ideal for maintenance visits, technician slots scheduling, high people flow locations (hotel, condos,...), multiservice locations, remote locations (works, quarries, onfield cabinets) and many others


Smart button

Wireless IoT

#just1click to send your message

  • to ask for help
  • to say “just arrived!”
  • to say “I´m not feeling good”


Power meter

Wireless IoT

Know your energy consumption easily

  • No more shock billing
  • To identify anomalies
  • To make your consumption more efficient
  • To read your remote electric meter